November 10th  1. crocheted granny squares 2. knitted showing a variety of stitches 3. knitted using various Fair Isle patterns Blankets, blanket, blankets. I just cannot get enough of them and at last count we had 21 in our house, yes, you read that right, 21. AND that does not include picnic rugs/blankets. I love them and cannot get enough of them, want to make me happy, make or buy me a blanket ♥ My mother has always surrounded our home with blankets, they bring back memories of snuggling up on the sofa and of good times. But my patience is not such that I can sit and knit or crochet without having a finished project quickly, but at the beginning of the year, I felt I had found my blanket, the Mood blanket 2014. And so I began and was quite enthusiastic and very pleased with myself on my colour choices, I did not fall out of love with nor did I become bored with it. But I have stopped and have not been able to look at it for several months, why, I hear you ask, I will explain. Recently I have been feeling guilty about abandoning my blanket and slowly my mind it coming round to picking it up again. I was so happy with the mood blanket, see post here that I rushed and did not take my time and so therefore did not notice my edges!! Not a problem, I hear you cry, crochet a border around it and the uneven edges will be hidden. But alas, my mistake was too great and I had committed the worst sin, I had on both sides of the blanket, by using different stitches, inadvertently reduced the blanket width by one third. There was nothing for it but to frog over 40 rows. It was heart breaking I tell you. All those new stitches learnt, all that enthusiasm and happiness just ripped out row by row. I couldn't bear to see it and in the bottom of my very messy wardrobe it was relegated. And there it has sat alone and almost forgotten. I had so wanted to prove to myself that I can sustain a long project but at this point it was looking unlikely. So happy with the colours, but you can even see here the different stitches produce a different tension. So it was with trepidation that I saw that one of my favourite crocheters and designers, Lucy from Attic 24 was about to start her very own CAL, (crochet-a-long) called the Cosy Blanket. Her ability to play and put brilliant colours together is second to none and I thought, ok, I CAN DO THIS! Unlike Lucy, I decided not to choose vibrant happy autumnal colours, but to have a focus and a plan for my blanket. It was to be for the bed in the spare room of which I had just painted the floor and am trying to create a calm Scandinavian white/cream feel in the room. So off to the online shop Woolware house and 15 balls of Scandinavian influenced colours and three days later they arrived on my door step. Lucy posts her progress on a Sunday and several people are following her colours row by row. Me, I am just hoping to complete this project. I am not sure yet whether it will be a full sized single bed or if I will just make it as a bottom bed runner, so a little smaller. Time will tell. What do you think so far? I decided to CAL with Lucy because she mentioned that the only stitch would be a treble crochet (UK) stitch and that it would be easy to do with your eyes closed and she is not wrong. I can crochet this whilst chatting with friends, watching the occasional TV and not have to concentrate on it, unlike the mood blanket where each row was a different stitch and tension. I think I will manage this and I hope to be finished before Christmas and that it may give me my crojo back to pick up the mood blanket in those dull days after Christmas. Wish me luck on both counts, I think I am going to need it! If you fancy joining in on Lucy's CAL, it's never too late, the link top her patter is here ♥Wish me luck on my blanket!♥ There has been a lot of interest on this blanket. For a list of colours used, please follow this link: here For pattern colour order follow the next two links: