When my students want to make socks, I often recommend "afterthought heels". The afterthought heel allows for a broader variety of gauges than most conventional sock patterns. Plus, the heel is worked exactly the same as the toe, so the techniques used in the sock are fairly simple and repetitive. In this video, I demonstrate how to pick up the stitches and remove the scrap yarn used to hold the afterthought heel stitches.
To work an afterthought heel:
⭐️ Begin knitting a tube sock.
⭐️ At the spot you’d like the heel, work 1/2 of your stitches into scrap yarn.
⭐️ Slide those stitches back onto the left needle and then knit them again with your working yarn.
⭐️ Work the foot and toe as usual, remembering that about 2” will be added to the sock length once you’ve worked the heel.
⭐️ After the toe is complete, pick up the stitches on both sides of the scrap yarn and remove the scrap yarn.
⭐️ Knit your heel the same way you knit your toe!

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