🎶 When I Dip You Dip We Dip 🎶 ( #90sthrowback lol 😝) Let’s talk Dip Stitches: Sorrel features a richly textured yoke made up of these rad smocked stitches called “dips” because you “dip” your needle into the stitch a few rows below to pull up a loop, they might look gnarly but are super easy to knit! Dip stitches have been around awhile and come in different lengths and widths but we like ‘em best when knit with fun speckled sock yarn and contrasting mohair-silk lace. 💞 Check out the swatches in my “Highlights” so you can see just how much mohair changes the effect - bold or subtle - depending on the color you choose and we included a video tutorial with the #sorrelsweater pattern so you can learn to “Dip” with ease! 😄👍 Sorrel pattern by @dankfiber + @abbyeknits feat. @spunrightround Classic Sock in colorways: Babes in Brioche, Jubilee, In the Pines and Belly Flop & Mohair Silk in “Get Off My Lawn!”🌿💚 #dipitrealgood