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Trendy Inverted Bob Haircut

This sweet and sassy style has been worn by both career women and soccer moms over the years. It remains popular due to its simple upkeep and ability to work for both casual and formal occasions. Long or short, with bangs or without – personalize thi

13 March, 17:14


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The Perfect Braided Crib Bumper

This one is geared to all the parents out there.I was recently gifted the most wonderful braided crib bumper from Juju & Jake. This small business created by Agnes, a mother of two, recently stumbled upon her new business venture while on maternity l

10 February, 09:41


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Blonde Pixie Style

Charissa Thompson - Here is another blonde pixie style for women from all ages and styles. Source: #pixie #blonde

5 February, 11:54


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Pixie Hair Cut

I will forever love the pixie. This photo from an instagram account. It seems really nice. You can try this model. Source: #hairstyle #hair #women

25 January, 20:09


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Moving Cheat Sheet

Raise your hand if you like the process of moving and all the hassles that come with it. Yup, that’s what we thought. No one likes to deal with the headache of moving not only your belongings, but also having to change your mailing address and notify

15 March, 07:00


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2018 women's short haircut: 20 models

The short cut is timeless, modern, practical and elegant, in addition it is easy to maintain, for that it is considered the choice number 1 for the modern woman. In this post our website reveals the latest trends of short haircuts to wear this summer

13 March, 16:05


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Short Sexy Hair

I love hair that gets noticed instead of blending in. If the compliments stop, time for a new look!Source: #hairstyle #women #hair

8 February, 07:27


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Rainbow Wall Decoration

It is a nice wall decoration idea for kids room or preschool wall decorate.#decorating

4 February, 08:43


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Short Hair

Nice hairstyle for mature women. Source: #women #mature #shorthair

14 March, 16:08


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Preschool Games

Really nice preschool game styles. Kids will be enjoy and learn teamwork and trust friends same times. This pictures will give you idea and you can modife it how you want. Gift from me to teachers from all over world :)

10 February, 10:00


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Fast, high quality and easy bonding of wood

Masonry clamps for width bonding of woodThe clamps enable us to produce high quality, quick and easy width bonding of wood.We replace other professional joinery machines, or improper improvements with non-useful accessories.The construction makes fou

5 February, 12:26


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Short Hair Pixie Cut

This photo from an instagram account. It seems really nice. You can try this model show the photo your hair designer and you will be happy for this decision. Source: #hairstyle #hair #women #shorthair

25 January, 20:14


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