22 October 2018, 20:50

Process of Creating a Brooch

1. For work, we need: a piece of felt, some (quite a bit) wool for felting, a needle for felting, a zipper with metal teeth, transparent glue "Moment", a buckle for a brooch:

2. Now select the picture. For convenience, you can draw the outline of a drawing with a pen or a chalk for fabric on felt. (I did not draw the outline). Then we pave a pre-cut lightning (as in the photo along the contour of the future brooch) by sewing it to the felt between the teeth “through the top”:

3. This is the basis of a flower I got:

4. Now, carefully cut out our base brooch along the contour, cutting off the excess felt:

5. Now we need to fill our brooch with wool by felting:

6. You can decorate the brooch with embroidery:

7. On the back side, glue a layer of felt and sew a buckle on the brooch. Everything, our brooch is ready!)))

Here are some more examples of brooches made in this technique: