27 January 2018, 20:17

Short Hairstyle

Who knew that short haircuts could be so versatile? The short layers in this attractive blonde pixie are nicely textured at the points, giving the look a soft appearance. The hairstyle has a side part and the hair is styled from a high point at her crown in her face, creating a long and playful fringe. The sides and back are refreshingly short.

Light blond hair shines with platinum accents. This flattering look can take on a totally new identity with a new styling, as you can see on the next photo. Transformations are the kernel of every haircut. Collection: The Donato Collection Hairstyle: John Donato Hair color: Alex Dalla Via Make-up: Chantell Samaroo

Source : https://www.kapsels.net/kapsels15/donato1.htm