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Bullet Journal Spreads

Bullet Journal, New Way to Make Efficient Journal of Anti-Boring
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Bullet Journal, New Way to Make Efficient Journal of Anti-Boring
Have long given up on keeping track of your daily life with a daily journal or planner? It's time to try again now. Why? Because there is still a new alternative that you can try, the name Bullet Journal.

The main uniqueness you can get from this type of journal is the flexibility and of course the look that is not monotonous. You can try adding new parts or removing parts that you do not think fit with your needs through this type of journal. Still not clear what is bullet journal? Read the information below.

A combination of journal and planner with manual system
Bullet Journal
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This journal system was first introduced by Ryder Caroll. Since childhood he has been diagnosed with a mental disorder that makes it difficult to focus on one activity at a time. Thanks to this deficiency, he is persistent in searching for systems that can help him be more organized every day. Unexpectedly, the system he created felt appropriate also used by his friends. Since then, bullet journals began to be intensively introduced through sharing media, as well as websites. The system of this journal at a glance similar to ordinary planner, but the difference you own is free to make the form of layout or its layout.

Growing up becomes more varied
Bullet Journal When did I Last
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Bullet journal system introduced by Ryder Caroll is divided into 4 main parts which are also called modules ie Index, Future Log, Monthly Log and Daily Log.

Index is a table of contents of the journal and its page number.
Future Log contains resolutions as well as things to do over the next few months.
Monthly Logs and Daily Logs are part of a journal containing plans, tasks, appointments that exist for a particular month or day.
There are several keys you can use to indicate the status of an existing task, appointment or event. There are no special key standards, which you should use, you can see references from other bullet journalists or create your own key versions. This applies also to the planner collections you want to use in your bullet journal.

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