5 June 2018, 20:15

Learn Step by Step with Photos

In general, this knitting technique is carried out with the help of two tools - a hook and a thick knitting needle, but we will look at how to knit broomstick loops with one hook.

So, we collect a chain of air loops and 4 air loops for lifting. We throw the working thread on the hook and from the fifth loop from the hook we begin to pull out the working thread, we pull out long loops from the 4 loops of the initial chain.

Next, grab the working thread and stretch it through the elongated loops.

Again, grab the working thread and knit the column without crochet of elongated loops.

Re-seize the working thread, introducing the hook into the elongated loops and knit the second article. b / n

To complete the column “broomstick” you need to knit 5 tbsp. b / n (or the number of b / n, which is indicated in the scheme) through elongated loops.

Having completed the first “broomstick”, we begin to pull the loops from the next 4 loops of the initial chain for the second “broomstick” and continue to the end of the row.

Broomstick loops can be tied around the edge of the product, napkins or tablecloths, and such knitting elements will look good in a pattern of a knitted fabric.

Source: https://domihobby.ru/343-vytyanutye-petli-s-obvyazkoy-petli-brumstik.html