5 December 2018, 20:41

How To Make A No-Sew DIY Tutu Tutorial

This easy tutu tutorial will help you in creating your own No-Sew Tutu skirt! Check out my step by step No-Sew Tutu Tutorial with lots of photos to follow. Making a tutu tulle skirt for adult and girls is easy with my Tutu Tutorial instructions.

Begin by measuring how long you want the skirt to be. I personally take the roll and have her hold it as I pull down on the tulle until she tells me the length she wants. Then instead of cutting it, I fold it in half and then cut. I basically want to double the length in which she wants her skirt to be because I will be folding each strand of tulle in half.

Tip: To create an adult layered tutu measure the waist and length you would like the tutu to be.

Step Two
Measure your child’s waist with the elastic and make a light knot at the end. Wrapping your elastic around a chair will make it easy for you to tie all the strands of tulle. The reason you are creating a light knot is that later on you will want to create that knot once again a bit tighter around your child and as they grow you can make the skirt bigger.

Tip: You could also use ribbon if you prefer over elastic.

Step Three
Take two pieces of tulle together and slide it creating a slip knot around the elastic. Make sure to check out my picture above to see how to create the knot.

Step Four
Fill the elastic all the way around until you have created a full tulle skirt.

You can really use your imagination with the tulle and create different colors. For the Evil Queen, we made it purple in the front and black in the back. For the Cruella Devil costume, we made it half black and the other half white. Which goes perfectly with her dalmatian vest.

As you can see you can easily create any princess, villain, character, or birthday tutu for a child or adult using this same tutorial! Be creative with your tulle and you too can easily look as cute as my little evil queen.

Where should I purchase tulle for tutus?
You can find your tulle at craft stores or online. I find it easier to purchase my rolls of tulle online by the roll. Personally, I don’t follow a specific measurement chart, instead, I prefer to measure my daughter’s waist and the length they want their tutu to be. If I’m creating an adult tutu for myself I follow the same steps, except depending on the length of my tutu I add extra rolls of tulle.

How much tulle should I buy?
For this specific tutu, I used 2 rolls of purple and 2 rolls of black tulle for my youngest daughters tutu because she wanted a long skirt.

For my oldest, I used the same amount. She wanted a shorter tutu, so 2 rolls of white and 2 rolls of black tulle was enough. If you want a fuller skirt I would suggest at least 3 rolls to make sure that it’s nice and full.

Materials needed to create a Tutu Skirt
Minimum of 3-4 rolls of tulle (you can also purchase cheaper tulle by the yard)
Glitter Tulle (optional)
Elastic for the waist
Back of chair or cardboard
My youngest wanted to have a full purple front skirt but then wanted a puffy back with just the black color. She will also be wearing a black and purple cape along with what she is showing in the picture.

For more detail visit here: https://simplytodaylife.com/diy-tutu-tutorial-and-easy-family-meal/