3 January, 16:46

Kids Craft Idea: Cute Baby Bird

Kids Craft Idea- These cute little baby birds are a great way to keep kids busy for an afternoon. They are easy to make with the free pattern, and so cute!

The theme for the Make It Fun Crafts® challenge this month is Kids Crafts. I was given supplies and a gift card, and had to come up with an idea. To be honest, I was a little nervous. My four boys were never into craft projects, they always preferred playing sports. And I wasn’t quite sure if Rachel was quite ready to enter the world of crafting. She’s only 4, and her attention span is about as long as a pencil eraser.

But we actually ended up having a lot of fun together. (After the initial tantrum when she found out she couldn’t do it all on her own, she’d need some help from mommy. Little miss independent.) When the box came in the mail filled with eggs, she was over the top excited. She thought it was Easter again. Haha!

When I told her we’d be making a baby bird, and showed her the pretty colors of felt, she was on board. She loved working with the glue! Obviously I had to cut out all the pieces, and poke the hole in the top of the egg. But she had lots of fun, and is so proud of her bird. I see a crafting partner in crime in the near future. ?

Here’s how you and your kiddos can make your own Baby Bird.

Kids Craft: Baby Bird Tutorial
–FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Eggs
-Napkin (or tissue paper)
-Glue, paper plate, and brushes
-Felt scraps, scissors
–Free pattern, pencil or pen

First up you want to slice off a thin piece at the bottom of the egg so your bird will stand up. I actually forgot this step and had to do it after we covered it with paper. Cut the napkin into approximately 2″square pieces. They don’t need to be perfect. Apply a liberal layer of glue to the egg, then press the pieces of paper on, then add more glue over the paper. This is a messy step, so Rachel loved it.

Let it dry overnight. This is what it will look like when it’s all done. (Except you can cover the bottom of yours with the napkin pieces because you won’t forget to slice your egg.)

Print off the pattern, then cut out all your pieces from felt.

It’s easiest if you first glue the eyeballs onto the white parts. Then glue on the beak, then the eyes. After that glue on the wings and feet.

Poke a small hole at the top of the eggs. (I used a little dowel stick.) Fill it with glue. To add the “feathers” at the top, cut a small scrap of felt into a rectangle, then cut slits across the top. Roll it up, and shove it into the hole.

Super cute, right?

Rachel was pretty excited about her “baby bird”.