5 January, 22:33

Decoupage Mugs Nail Polish

The most usual mug can be given an original look in completely unexpected ways. We offer you a quick and simple project for the New Year holidays, even a child can do it: decoupage mugs with nail polish. For work, you will need a bored white or any other, preferably monophonic, mug and nail polish of one or several colors. We recommend that you first play with one shade of varnish, and then you can use a lot more colors. In addition, please prepare a bowl or a plastic container with hot water, in which it would be convenient to dip the mug. Did we intrigue you? We promise that work is fast, does not require any prior skills. And if you don’t like the result, you can always return the original look to the mug. Win-win, let's try

Do-it-yourself decoupage mugs with nail polish Let's use the master class from the channel "Hobby. Handmade" to learn how to make a beautiful pattern on a mug with one-color nail polish. Please note: if you do not like the resulting pattern, bright stains of varnish on the mug can be easily removed with a nail polish remover.+

Now let's complicate the task and try to work with several contrasting bright colors. Even more, if you have a toothpick at hand, then with its help you can experiment with a variety of fancy patterns. Getting started? To help you a lesson from the channel "TS Roksi"

Enjoy your creativity