10 February, 11:27

Digital Video Lab: How We Can Convert VCR Tapes to DVD

The memories make you happy and always give you pleasure. Everyone wants to keep a precious glimpse in a moment. In this era of advance, the man has the chance to save his life in photos and videos. In the past, the VHS camera was used to store a video on a VHS tape. When digital media becomes familiar, VCR and VHS tapes have been replaced by CD, DVD and Blue Ray. Keep VHS tapes in need of space and care. So the best solution is to convert vcr tapes to dvd.

Do you want to convert your beautiful VHS videos and movies to MP4? The solution is always available! You can convert your VHS videos to MP4 and mount them on a Mac or Windows or even burn them in a DVD sometime later.

Two parties are involved in this process; You can convert the VHS video to DVD and then convert the DVD format to MP4 format. Maybe you may have tried Handbrake or the Smart Format Factory, but the videos do not match your standards.

You still have time to convert your VHS videos to DVD and not lose the memory of your childhood or your adolescence. Before leaving your tapes in a storage room to never see them, why do not you record them in a current digital format so you can always play them?

Converting vcr tapes to dvd as well as possible is not as complicated as you may think. Currently, there are different ways you can do this conversion. Rate budget, number of tapes and time availability and choose from 3 basic alternatives.

3 Ways to Convert VCR Tapes To DVD.

1 Analog to Digital Adapter

What do you need?

To opt for this option you need to have a video that plays the tapes you have on VHS, it should work correctly and completely. A computer with a digital player and DVD drive, in principle, can be a desktop or laptop computer. The adapter to convert analog to digital is the key piece for this operation with this system. The adapter you need for this transformation is a cable with connection for traditional analog video on one end and on the other digital plugs to connect to a computer with DVD player and recorder. It is not complicated to find this type of accessories in stores specialized in computer, image, and sound.

How is The Process?

It is not a complicated process although you need time, especially if you have many tapes to transfer. Typically, the converter includes a CD with the necessary software for the transformation.

The first step is to install this program, the computer assistance of your system can take advice at this point, if you have any questions. Continue with the cable connection to the two devices. Then, follow the instructions of the chosen program.

Step by step only requires turning on the video, Insert the tape to convert and play. If everything is in order in the pop-up window of the computer, you will be watching the VHS movie and when it has finished playing it will have generated a digital file with the content. This file you can edit it, change its format and save it in the support you prefer, as in a DVD for example.

2. Combined VHS and DVD player

As a transformation procedure, perhaps using a double entry player for VCR Tapes and DVD is as simple, fast and efficient. The big problem is that you need to have this device that is not particularly cheap or affordable. On the other hand, if you only have a few tapes to rescue from the analog world, it may not be profitable to buy one of these transforming devices that also occupy space and have no more functions and are not very useful in today's world where digital It is the usual.

How is The Process?

With an apparatus that reproduces the VHS tapes and works coordinated with a DVD that records the content of these the process of change is simple and almost automatic . You just have to enter the video tape on your part and on the DVD player insert an empty disc and activate the recording function. The procedure lasts as long as the movies you want to pass to digital format.

3. Commission The Work to Professionals

Both online and in photo or video stores, even in stores where electronic devices are repaired, it is easy to hire convert VCR tapes to DVD service. It is a professional service that will charge you for hours of image or complete work and that will be in charge of adapting to your needs in every way with the best result.

If you leave the passing of your old videos from the analog to the digital era in professional hands, it is more than likely that you will get the best result. The experts have the best devices to perform the conversion, they also offer experience and it is possible that a post-production or editing work is included to improve the result and make your analog films gain in sharpness and quality.