20 December 2018, 10:01

Fences For Flower Beds - 19 Beautiful Design İdeas

I made a selection of my photos taken at different times in different places of the world during my travels. Here you will see examples of beautiful fences for flower beds and simple techniques used in the design.

Very often I meet beds in which wood is used as a fence. It can be picket-type planks (as in the photo above) and simply lying logs of beautiful shape.

An interesting, very beautiful natural design flower beds in front of a wooden arbor. This cement, stylized wood . It turns out and stylish and durable.

This flowerbed is also made in imitation of a tree trunk. It is made of concrete . In Thailand, wood is often imitated in concrete products, which are used to decorate streets, gardens and private courtyards. This imitation is used in fences.

An example of flowerbed design using stones . Reminds our familiar alpine slide. Stones, simple flowers such as blooming begonias and cereals are picturesque bushes of ornamental grass.

ery often found in the design of beds and old tree roots, natural hemp. If you cut down an old fruit tree, do not rush to burn it! Better to cut it into small blocks and make a decorative fence for your flower bed.

There are also such flower beds - planted with one type of flowers, they have smooth outlines in terms of.

They are usually surrounded by either small gravel backfill , or, as in this case, river pebbles. For decoration on a bed put a few large stones.

Such a flowerbed will look good on a green lawn. Another option - to use as a "fence" mulch from chips or large sawdust.

This flower bed is very similar to the familiar alpine slide - low flowering plants make their way among a large number of stones. Stones divide the space into separate locations with flowering plants.

The combination of flower beds of petunias and low-cut shrub. As a curb, you can use a stone or stone blocks.

And here is another example of imitation wood. In this case - the flowerbed is made of concrete, decorated very much like a tree.

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At my country house for the third season is a log, and still it looks decorative. Perhaps this is a great option, especially free.