11 January, 11:52

Origami Christmas Trees

Instructions for letter sized paper (you can buy the large square sheets of paper to make the big trees)
1. Fold top corner of the paper to align with the opposing side of the paper.
2. Cut the bottom of the paper off so that you are left with a square paper folded into a triangle.
3. Fold that in half into a smaller triangle.
4. Open the triangles and fold down to create a square x 2
5. Open the sides of the squares to create a tall triangle x 4
6. Trim off the bottom triangle.
7. Cut 3 rows on each side, spaced evenly.
8. Fold down the bottom three flaps
For the larger paper we cut 4 rows on each side to create one more tier of the tree

3D Paper Christmas Tree - YouTube

Turn piece of paper into this adorable decoration! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pomegranate Tricks! Cutting - Seeds Removal - Juice" https://www.youtube.co...

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