26 November 2018, 20:39

Natural and Most Effective Solution to Surviving Bruises

Are you investigating the exact and natural methods of getting rid of bruises from detention and want to avoid chemical products as far as possible? Dark circles that occur under the eyes are one of the skin problems that cause the most ugly images that one can have. Of course, getting rid of this ugly image is a natural eye serum solution. With this eye serum that you can comfortably prepare at home, you will definitely get rid of the bruises of detention.


Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel, into a glass bowl, 1-2 teaspoons are put up. The eye serum we prepared with these measurements is for about 6-7 sessions. You can determine the size of the session by considering the number of sessions you will use.



The second one is the pure almond oil, which is one of the ingredients for eye serum that we will prepare to get rid of dark circles through natural ways. we add almond oil to our glass bowl and mix.


Almond oil and aloe vera gel are suitable for separation between each other as homogeneous, just like olive oil and water. Therefore, you must apply the mixture thoroughly before mixing.

If there are wrinkles in the eye area, you can keep the amounts of both contents equal or add more of the almond oil. If your skin type is dry, you can keep the almond oil rate higher. Store the prepared serum in a dry and cool environment. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Especially in the summer, we recommend that you keep it in the refrigerator.

How to use?
Apply the prepared eye serum to the detention area with light strokes and massage. Because the skin around the eyes is sensitive, thoroughly massage the area with massage movements.

When to use?
• You can use it every day before bedtime. If you have make-up remnants on your face before application, clean and wash your face with plenty of water and apply the mixture as described.
• At the same time you can easily apply during the day when you do not go out.

What are the Benefits of this Serum?
When you use this serum regularly, let's take a look at how it benefits under your eyes:

Almond oil is a very effective substance that effectively cleanses the scalp. Almond oil is very effective in reducing the fine lines occurring in the eye region. It uses almond oil as the main ingredient of many eye cream that are sold out at high prices. Instead of paying high fees to these creams, we advise you to use the natural eye care serum that is prepared by yourself at home.
Delays the formation of wrinkles on the skin and reduces skin wrinkles. That is, it not only destroys bruises and dark circles, it also tightens the skin.
Since almond oil has the least fat content in terms of content, women with a particularly oily skin type can also use it with ease. If you have very oily skin, you can keep the aloe vera content even more.
Aloe vera relaxes the skin and relaxes you after a tiring day.
Both are the perfect blend that eliminates these ugly dark circles.
You can also use this perfect almond oil and Aloe Vera mixture instead of the make-up remover. Removes make-up remnants on your face.
Although this mixture is used as an eye serum, you can also apply your body care naturally by applying it to your entire body once a week.
Try it and see the results yourself.