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Ice Christmas wreath of natural materials

An icy Christmas wreath made of natural materials can be created for the upcoming long-awaited holidays, for the New Year and Christmas, and to surprise all guests with its ingenuity, imagination and creativity. The original wreath of red winter fruits and berries, in combination with needles and evergreen leaves, made in a round baking cupcake is a really beautiful decoration. This idea is most suitable for those who live in their own home, for example, in the mountains or in a holiday village, outside the city.

If there is snow outside the window and the thermometer shows the temperature below zero, you and I will be able to create an ice wreath with your own hands to decorate the festive interior (balcony, terrace, garden) or feeding birds.

Ice Christmas wreath of natural materials

To create a creative wreath of ice, we need the following materials:

-pine or spruce cones,
-needles and evergreen leaves of any trees and shrubs,
-red winter fruits and berries,
-silicone cake pan,

Silicone baking cupcake is ideal, but if it is not available, you can use the usual heat-resistant.

We go into the forest or go out into the garden and collect all the greens and reds, all the vegetation that you think will look beautiful in the ice case.

Having collected all the necessary material for creativity, we proceed to work. At the bottom of the silicone form evenly distribute the leaves and berries. Then slowly fill it with water, while evenly distributing natural materials.

Now we need to shake the form to release the air from the contents, it will create a clear and transparent ice.

At the end of the work put the form in the freezer. Putting the form at night in the freezer, in the morning you can already admire your creation. With the silicone form you will not have any difficulties, a wreath will easily pop out of it, and if you used another form, you should put it in any container with cold water for a few minutes. Important: it is in cold water, because hot can ruin everything - the ice will crack.

You can create such icy beauty with your own hands and at the same time, notice that you do not need to buy anything. You can hang a wreath at the entrance to your home or office, place it in the garden or on the veranda, you can also put a wreath on a tray and put it on a festive table. The last option will amaze your guests, but it will not be long to please, it will start melting at room temperature. It is better to “serve” when all the guests are in the collection and your holiday is in full swing.

An ice wreath can also be made specifically for feeding birds in winter. In this case, you need to freeze the seeds, cereals and everything that the birds love.

In the same way, you can create vases and ice bowls for cooling champagne

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