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Decoupage garden watering can to decorate the garden

Decoupage garden watering can to decorate the garden . Garden watering can be easily turned into a beautiful decorative flower vase or pots to decorate the garden or suburban area. Watering can be bought at any hardware store, but it is much more interesting to convert the old one, which has been lying for a long time without use in a shed or in the attic. It's great to give old things a new creative life and decorate the interior of your beloved home! Below you are waiting for two small master class on decorating garden tools in the form of a watering can.

Decoupage garden watering can to decorate the garden
Let's start with the first simplest method of decorating a garden watering can with a stamp for scrapbooking. To work we need:

-garden watering can
-white synthetic enamel
-stamp for scrapbooking,
-white and blue acrylic paint
-varnish in the form of spray.

Garden watering can be washed, cleaned from dirt (if old) and degrease. Next, paint the watering can with white synthetic enamel (you can use automotive paint spray). Next, apply the picture with a stamp and blue acrylic paint.

Tint and shade fragments of white acrylic paint.

The final stage of the work is to spray the watering can with varnish.

The second option for decorating a garden watering can require the following materials:

-metal primer
-acrylic paint in white and two shades of green,
-printing on a printer, napkins or dekupazhny cards,
-glue for decoupage,
-Sisal for decoration - on request.
Getting to work. Watering can cover with primer and leave for half an hour. Then we paint with white acrylic paint in two layers.

Spout and handle watering can paint with green paint. The rest of the watering can shade in green with an almost dry brush.

Glue a piece of napkin, printout or decoupage card.

We decorate the watering can with a bow of sisal and a decorative element - a butterfly.

We plant flowers in the garden watering can or use dried flowers and admire the beauty. Good luck in your work!

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