It’s been a long week with the continuation of social distancing - but what remains the same is focusing on our health and staying positive. . Here is what I've been focused on this week: 1⃣Working Out At Home Not skipping my workout has been a saving grace during these last few weeks! Having the access to Get Healthy U TV has given me the sense of “normalcy” in my life. I’ve been working out with all the GHUTV trainers and it keeps me in my routine and doing both strength and cardio! Not only am I getting my body moving but exercise can provide a great source of stress relief...something that is good for all of us right now! 2⃣Prepping Healthy Snacks & Meals For My Family Has anyone else noticed that when you’re working from home you find yourself wandering into the kitchen more often? That’s why this week I prepped healthy snacks to have on hand for those times when family members (myself included) reach for a midday snack. 3⃣Catching Up on Sleep Truth be told, I am getting more sleep than I have in a long time this month and man I realize how sleep makes you feel good! Without the extra time spent getting ready for work and commuting to the office, I can get a few extra hours of sleep at night. So while we have the time, let’s work on getting ourselves in bed at a decent hour and sleeping through the night! Who’s with me on this one?! 4⃣Maintaining a Positive Mindset The power of our mindset during hard times really makes a difference not only individually but to those around us. While we are all enduring this time together, my focus is to remain positive, start each day with gratitude and give you all a space to find strength and inspiration. The human race is hard wired to connect with each other and we will soon be back together but remaining positive and calm is key. . Which one of these will you be focusing on today? . Together we can concur all. Stay happy, stay healthy, and let’s stay positive! 😍 . Which one of these have you been focusing on this week? Or do you have something else you want to focus on? Share with me! . #workfromhometips #positivemindset #gethealthyutv