I hear a lot of people talk about how they have a love hate relationship with this app. And I get it, Instagram has a really messed up algorithm. BUT, Instagram is also really amazing! It is a platform to bring people all over the world together. A place for us to find our people in an overpopulated planet. In a world where we can feel so out of place in our day to day lives, Instagram gives us a place to find the ones who we can connect with. One way I found to fight the algorithm is to be more mindful when I scroll. I scroll with intention. I want to see all the wonderful things my friends are doing. So I interact with the post. Like, comment, share. That’s how Instagram knows what you actually want to see! When I feel like I’m getting lost in the Instagram world, I show some love to others, and they show it back! What a concept that we can all be there to support each other and that maybe the algorithm isn’t really the big issue here. What are your thoughts on Instagram? Do you use it with intention or mindlessly scroll? Do you believe the algorithm is messing with your posts? I want to know your thoughts!