@hudabeauty Nude Light Palette 🌸 Here's a review for the Eyeshadow Palette 😊 I was so excited when I ordered this Palette because it's my first Product of her brand. I've got my eyes on her Nude palettes for a loong time but I wasn't really sure if I should get them because I already had swatched the glitter shades of two other Palettes from her brand in a Sephora Store ( the new Nude & Mercury Retrograde Palette) and honestly I wasn't impressed. Can't say anything about the other shades but the glitter shades dissapointed me. After watching a lot YouTube Videos and seeing pictures of them here on Insta with positive reviews, I've still decided to get one. I never thought that I would purchase the Light Palette first because I always wanted the medium one (that also has beautiful shades 😍) It really wasn't because of the pink Packaging 😅 (that I love 💕) it was because of the purple shade that I missed on the other one. The Palette itself is great! Great pigmentation, easy to blend, almost no fall out in the Palette, just a tiny bit with the matte shades & that is absolutely okay for me. The price point is good too ( 9 very beautiful eyeshadows for 30 € 👍🏻) Definitely will purchase the medium palette too! I'm not going to purchase the dark one (I think 🤔) because my mom has fallen in love with that one and said she will order it soon, so of course I will use hers 😜 Do you have any of these Palettes & how do you like them? 😊 ____________________________________ #makeuppalette #makeuplover #makeupflatlay #makeupflatlays #makeupcollection #makeupcommunity #makeupproducts #makeupcollector #makeupreviews #hudabeauty #hudabeautynudepalette #hudabeautypalette #huda #hudabeautyeyeshadow #hudabeautynudelight #huda_beauty #nudepalette #beautycommunity #beautyflatlay #beatthealgo #discoverunder1k