Meal Prepped Dinner 🍴 Ate this easy salmon dinner in the car tonight on the way back from my grandparents! Ate allll the turkey + homemade chicken and noodles (not to brag but my Mimi makes the noodles from scratch- it’s next level 😍) + all the goods this afternoon so this balanced meal hit the spot tonight! - - Especially around the holidays, I like having a little bit of both- foods outside what you’d normally eat that you enjoy with the fam and foods that nourish you. For me, I feel best when I have some balance in what I’m eating 👌🏻 Not too restricted but also getting my veggies in. Hope you guys had a great weekend ❤️ - - #mealprep details 👉🏻 1 fillet of leftover salmon + roasted Brussels + sweet potato fries + 1/2 avocado #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #choosingbalance