Happy Friday, cake lovers! We’re less a week away from Thanksgiving here and I’ve officially picked up all our ingredients for dinner/dessert as of this morning 😱. It’s getting real for turkey day. . 👉🏻 I need your guys’ help, though. I can’t help but thing of those who weren’t able to fill their cupboards and fridge with food for next week, as often as they need, or maybe even ever. I’d love for my family to be able to help those less fortunate this Thanksgiving in a way where my boys will experience and remember. We usually donate canned goods through my husband’s firm (they donate food for thanksgiving dinners for hundreds of families), but I’d love your ideas for something you’ve done or heard of that had been most helpful for those in need! 🙏🏻 . Recipe for my French Silk Cake on my website ♥️. . #bakingwithblondie #cakeconfidence